Fieldsolution makes a foray into the southernmost end of the Asian market.

Nov 25 2019

Fieldsolution makes a foray into the southernmost end of the Asian market(participating in ‘All energy 2019 exhibition, Australia’).

As a team member looking for buyers in Australia, Fieldsolution visited Melbourne from October 21(Mon) to 25(Fri).
This event was organized by Daejeon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, ISAN consulting group and Kangwon National University, and Korean Foundation for Quality.

The goal was to meet with Australian company buyers, build a business relationship, and attend All energy 2019 exhibition to promote Fieldsolution company and it’s products.
Australian company buyers were selected and business meetings were held according to the business sector of the participating companies
The goal was to produce profitable results.
29 participants from 9 companies(3 companies selected from Daejeon city and Gangwon province, 4 companies selected from Gwangju city and Jeonbuk province, 2 companies getting involved Gwangju OpenLAB project) joined the team.

From October 21(Mon) to 22(Tue), there were meetings with Australian buyers preselected to match the business sector of the participating companies.
Fieldsolution had two days of meeting with two Australian company buyers.
The Buyers were interested in applying Fieldsolution’s technology to their business about data forecasting services and monitoring of water systems in mining areas.
We had a deep discussion about it and we agreed to continue more discussions.

On the afternoon of the 22nd(Tue) of October, the participating Korean companies visited the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention to complete the exhibition booth setup.
Last year there were more than 8,500 visitors and 290 exhibitors around the world.
From October 23(Wed) and 24(Thu), the participating Korean companies welcomed visitors to the exhibition booth and promoted the company and its products.
Fieldsolution booth was the most popular among the participating Korean companies and attracted the most visitors.

On October 24(Thu), the participants visited Maribyrnong City Council to have a collaborative meeting for entering the local market.
This visit to Australia gives me confidence in the technology of Filedsolution.
I am sure there is an opportunity to enter the Australian market.
Besides, many Australian cities are competing for smart city projects.
Australia’s IIoT market will expand further.
Australia is at the southernmost end of the Asian market which Fieldsolution aims at.