Fieldsolution and Honeywell build to real-time monitoring & forecasting IoT platform for K-water water treatment facility.

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Dec 02 2019

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Fieldsolution plans to provide a service in collaboration with K Water and Honeywell.
Fieldsolution has attracted attention recently for its outstanding IIoT technology in the water treatment sector.
Fieldsolution is preparing for a leap into the global market by implementing advanced IIoT technology proven in the domestic water treatment market.
As part of it, Fieldsolution is working with K water on a research project on building an IIoT platform for real-time monitoring and forecasting of a Water treatment facilitiy.
Fieldsolution plans to work with K Water and Honeywell to provide real-time monitoring and forecasting services for water treatment facilities in the near future.

Building the IoT platform for real-time monitoring and forecasting of Water treatment facilities.
Fieldsolution plans to provide a service in collaboration with K Water and Honeywell.


At present, plant managers in water treatment and sewage treatment facilities have difficulties in monitoring all facilities and Identifying the cause of the failure,
because they are busy with many routine tasks they have to perform every day according to the facility’s operating and management standards.
The trend in the facilities management paradigm is shifting from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.
In this research, Fieldsolution is developing the predictive maintenance IoT platform that enables real-time monitoring and abnormality judgment based on IoT technology which analyzes big data.
Field Solution is conducting research on the EMS-based IoT platform testing at Boryeong water treatment plant, along with the development of a simulator and distributed processing system for water treatment facility analysis.
It includes technology development for time series short and long term parameter calculation, simulator development, learning data acquisition, and building an energy efficiency maintenance scenario.
Fieldsolution is working to build a predictive maintenance IoT platform for pumps installed at the Boryeong water treatment plant and to build missing data recovery solution.

Building a test bed and the missing data recovery solutions in Boryeong water treatment plant

K water provides a test bed, develops an operational plan for the test bed, and provides data on IoT platform operation results, and conducts analytical research on improvement plans.
The role of k water includes connecting IoT platform to RSC and SCADA at the Boryeong water treatment plant, classification and analysis of failure types, and comparative analysis of repair costs, opportunity costs and cost of early prevention through failure prediction.
The platform is expected to take the facility’s energy efficiency and data reliability to the next level.

Established in 2015, Fieldsolution is recognized as a technology company that offers a customized IIoT solution to meet various needs in the industrial field.
With the development of water treatment process management solution using IoT, Fieldsolution is said to have doubled the technological competitiveness in the water industry.


First, the Fieldsolution visits the customer’s industrial site and meets with the person in charge to understand their requirements.
Then Fieldsolution implements IoT gateway for data transmission and storage optimized for their requirements and provides data mining services that create new value based on the collected data.
As a result, Fieldsolution is known as a reliable partner in the industrial field.
Fieldsolution’s unique IIoT solution is implemented through FS gateway and FS EMS.
‘Node + Gateway + Server + Cloud’ was simplified to ‘Node + FS gateway’ rather than complex hardware configurations going through several stages.
This reduces initial investment by 30% and increases the ease of technology adoption.
FS gateway processes the data with a numerical analysis engine and sends it to the user without additional servers.
It communicates with wired and wireless users over long distances and obstacles to transmit processed and analyzed data.
It consists of heat-resistant hardware and optimized programming considering the features that are operated 365 days.
This solution is evaluated as an advanced plant technology because it allows customers to improve the plant’s energy efficiency by 30%, manpower efficiency by 40% and cost efficiency by 35%.
FS EMS can be connected to IoT technology with existing IT solutions such as ERP, CRM, and SCM to reduce maintenance costs.
It provides dashboards in Web and mobile App, allowing users to intuitively understand the situation.
Trend analysis and specific event prediction can helps users avoid incidents and improve the performance and efficiency of the process.


Based on this technology, Fieldsolution succeeded in wirelessly connecting the sewage treatment plant to a control room 300 meters away and transmitting the analyzed data to the manager via FS EMS.

FS EMS is installed at a factory producing products 24 hours a day through an unmanned production line.
Previously, managers visually inspected the equipment and responded after accidents.
Now FS EMS allows administrators to check equipment status and prevent accidents before they happen, without going to the equipment.
The solution also applies to smart toilets installed in airport, subway and highway rest areas.

A monitor installed at the entrance to the restroom shows which room is used and an LED signboard installed at each toilet compartment door shows whether the room is occupied.
If a toilet room is used for a certain period of time, managers will be alerted to prevent possible incidents or crimes.

Interview with Fieldsolution CEO DaeChun, Kim.
“Fieldsolution has successfully integrated FS gateway and FS EMS into the water industry.


Kim said, “FieldSolution was founded in 2015 to become a specialized IIoT company, and because of its potential power, it was named one of the K-Global 300 in 2016.”
And he said, “In 2017, we completed and launched the main products FS Gateway and FS EMS. Based on our technology, we are working on various domestics and overseas projects such as Energy and Environment and Logistics.”

Fieldsolution is a leading company that has integrated advanced industrial IoT technologies into a variety of industries.

Kim said, “FS gateway and FS EMS collect and analyze industrial data form the PLCs and sensors, and send the status of equipment to the manager via Web and mobile App.”
He emphasized, “In addition to simple monitoring, they can use data analysis techniques such as a time series analysis to predict events such as accidents.”

These technologies also have the advantage of enabling monitoring and control via two-way communication with managers, wired or wireless, without additional servers.
And he said, ” Fieldsolution, along with Honeywell and k water(Dr. Kim Jong-rip and Kim Daewook Kim), is working on a research project on building an IIoT platform for real-time monitoring and Water treatment facility forecasting using these technologies.
This technology is expected to contribute to the well-being of people by saving energy and preventing accidents in existing water treatment facilities.
At the same time, Fieldsolution is demonstrating its technology by integrating the company’s differentiated technologies into a variety of projects, such as smart factories, and projects such as efficiency and cost savings in water and wastewater treatment plants.
In particular, Fieldsolution is developing and applying IIoT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t invest enough to participate in Industry 4.0.

It can Predict events such as equipment incidents using data analysis technology.
The advantage of this solution is that you can monitor and control your equipment and transfer data without additional servers.

Kim strives to achieve higher goals based on her success.
He said, “Fieldsolution is doing its best to prepare ourselves for the future to become a medium-sized IoT company specializing in smart energy, environment, and logistics.”
“Based on human infrastructure established in Asia, including China and Japan, the company plans to enter Southeast Asia and Australian markets based on its expertise.”

“In November, Fieldsolution participated in ‘All Energy 2019, Australia’ and met many experts from all over the world. And I saw the possibility of entering the world market.”
He added for the development of an early start-up company, “I hope that governments, local governments, and related public companies will support more startups.”
“Early startups need management and accounting advisory and counseling support, residency programs, and tax breaks.”
He advised the Early startups “Various efforts should be made in technology development trends, competitor analysis and recruitment of cooperative partners.”