Visiting CHTF to find a partnership for a new project

Nov 21 2019

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Fieldsolution CEO Daechun, Kim visited CHTF 2019(China Hi-Tech Fair 2019) on November 17 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

The High Tech Fair(CHTF), held every November, is China’s largest science and technology exhibition.
Last year, 3,356 companies participated in and 570,000 people from all over the world visited.
The exhibition showcased innovative technologies and devices in a variety of fields including new materials, the Internet of Things, smart devices, aerospace, and modern agriculture.
Shenzhen is one of China’s four largest exhibition cities and famous for its many startups.

Kim visited the exhibition because the expansion of business partners is urgent as the number of industrial IoT and AI projects increase.
He wanted to establish a partnership with a company dealing with robotics in energy, environment, logistics fields.
During his visiting, he could find and a nice company that deals with computer vision processing and control based on the high-speed operation.
And also Kim met a team of the advancement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.