Field Solutions Supply AI-Based Flow Prediction System

Fieldsolution AI Solution Pump, Valve, Water treatment
Dec 13 2022


Field Solution announced that it will supply “valve solution capable of artificial intelligence (AI)-based flow prediction function” and “AI-based pump combination individual flow efficiency improvement” solution to the “AI Convergence Regional Special Industry Support Project” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Information and Communication Industry Promotion (NIPA).

The valve solution that enables AI-based flow prediction function improves valve performance and realizes a function that can perform a pre- or real-time fault diagnosis alarm by adding a prediction function to the existing pressure relief valve proportional control (PI). The pressure relief valve plays a role in lowering water pressure, and the leakage rate is adjusted by lowering the pipeline pressure during low water consumption and normalizing the pipeline pressure during high water consumption. AI can control pressure relief valves more efficiently than humans do by learning user pattern analysis and various abnormal situations in the field through deep learning.

The AI-based pump combination individual flow efficiency improvement solution analyzes the pump environment and accurately applies variable amount and variable flow rate by impeller when the rated amount and flow rate manufactured by the manufacturer are variable depending on the field environment. It has a monitoring system that can frequently check whether the pump performance is abnormal by allowing managers to conduct performance evaluations conducted by experts in real time.

Kim Dae-cheon, CEO of Field Solution, said, “The decision has changed from the way we relied on our senses to database analysis,” adding, “Field Solution is planning to grow into an AI specialized company through the AI Convergence Regional Industry Support Project.”