SK ECO Plant supports startup growth…an investment attraction event

Oct 07 2022

NISI20221005_0001100202_webSK Eco Plant has started to support startups with innovative technologies in all directions to help themselves grow.
SK Eco Plant announced on the 5th that it held an investment attraction event for six startup companies in Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 4th.
The event is part of follow-up activities using the “Value Up Platform” established by SK Eco Plant in July. The platform includes the government, public institutions, and investment institutions, and supports startups with innovative technologies. It helps startups with technology commercialization, investment attraction, and marketing through partnerships.
The investment attraction briefing session was held for a total of 20 startups. These are 10 companies that won the technology competition held by SK Eco Plant over the past three years, and 10 startups discovered by value-up platform agreements such as the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, the Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center, the Korea International Trade Association, and the R&D Special Zone Promotion Foundation. Each startup participated in a pre-investment competition held last month, and six selected startup companies attended the main event. They will also hold additional investment meetings in the future.
In addition, five venture capital (VC) investment institutions, including Samho Green Investment, as well as value-up platform agreement investment institutions such as UAntine Investment, DSC Investment, and Kground Partners, attended. Investment institutions will carefully review the possibility of developing innovative technologies and whether they will be applied to the field and review the final investment by this year.