A rising star of IIoT Technology , Fieldsolution CEO Daechun, Kim (Etnews interview)

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Nov 18 2019

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[CEO today] A rising star of IIoT Technology, Fieldsolution CEO Daechun, Kim

Fieldsolution CEO Daechun, Kim

“We collect and analyze ‘programmable logical controller'(PLC) data from water treatment sites and smart factories to address the enterprises’ needs.
Database analysis has changed the way we used to make policies based on our senses.
It creates the data that we provide to policymakers.”

Fieldsolution CEO, Daecheon, Kim said that PLC Gateway data analysis allows the plants to operate at the desired operation rate.
Fieldsolution is an IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) specialist who can offer gateway and data mining solutions.
With our solutions, the customer can save initial investment costs by 30 % and management costs by 40%.

Kim said, “When compared to driving a car, it is a data that shows how much the steering wheel is turned and how much the brakes were applied.” With the data, your driving behavior can be evaluated and be used as information for deciding car insurance ratings.

Fieldsolutions customizes global corporate gateways.
In the early days of the start-up, I tried to develop gateways on my own but it was difficult for me to meet the conditions of the industrial field. I had to get the product certified as well.
It was also troublesome to ship it overseas for after-sales service.
Due to the nature of the market, it is necessary to put various requirements that customers want rather than high-end technologies or products.

“We have a basic module and make small changes to meet customers’ needs.”
“It consists of node, gateway, server, analysis, and visualization areas such as communication, control, and DB modules.”
It was first installed at KCC in 2016.

Although Kim was a former researcher at the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and he studied at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the bidding was an entirely new experience.

I also noticed an invisible entry barrier.
And I have learned that startups need to collaborate for future reference.
I had a painful experience when I entered the Japanese market.

“We could supply our solutions only if we had local performance such as certification and business partners in the Japanese market.”
We had to wait three years before we could supply our solutions, so we finally withdrew from Japan.”

His goal this year is to enter the Southeast Asian market.
The test has already been completed in Vietnam.
There are many Korean companies doing business in Vietnam.
Smart factories are also booming.
On top of that, the government’s New Southern Policy is also keeping the mood alive.
In Korea, investment in the environment sector is not going well, which is another reason why we want to enter the Southeast Asian market.
We will enter the Southeast Asian market and expand our business scope from smart factories to power plants.
“The final goal is to become an industrial IoT solution provider,” he said.
Fieldsolution is the first registered startup partner of the K Water.
Its headquarters are located inside the Daejeon K Water Research Institute and its R&D center is located in the Pangyo Startup Campus.

Fieldsolution has carried out businesses such as smart restrooms monitoring system at national parks, reuse system for sewage and wastewater,
and electrolytic hydrolysis facility monitoring system(with KT IoTmakers).