Fieldsolution is awarded the “2016 11th Digital Innovation Award” Grand Prize.

Nov 18 2019

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Fieldsolution is awarded “2016 11th Digital Innovation Award” Grand Prize.

Fieldsolution (CEO DaeChun, Kim, is a specialist in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Fieldsolution aims to innovate the next generation of energy and environmental technologies.

Due to industrialization and population growth, the demand for water treatment is increasing year by year.
This is recognized as a global issue.
The market size is estimated at KRW 600 trillion and will be about KRW 1,000 trillion by 2025.
The Seoul Waterworks Authority has also announced that it plans to invest KRW 1.4 trillion in stages by 2030 to build a smart water grid using IoT.

Fieldsolution integrates IoT technology with existing simple control methods and existing sensors, utility, server and application services.
Through this, Fieldsolution collects the information that customers need and provides customized real-time service.
This service allows our customers to reduce maintenance costs by 30-50% annually.

Field Solutions is striving to become a company specializing in energy and environment at home and abroad, starting with analysis and control of water treatment facilities.
To enter the Japanese market, which is a technological powerhouse, we are attracting investments and establishing partner companies in Japan.

Fieldsolution won 2016 Digital Innovation Grand Prize
Fieldsolution won 2016 Digital Innovation Grand Prize