K-water Startup Partners 2020 Directory Book : Fieldsolution Co., Ltd.

Jun 25 2020

○ Introduction of products/services
Smart Factory, Plant Water Treatment IoT Platform
– Provides a gateway for collecting data from PLCs installed in factories, flats and water treatment plants, and a system that can increase maintenance costs by 30% compared to conventional ones through systematic data management and analysis.
– All-in-one Gateway FSW-Gateway which enables data collection and control without replacing existing communication terminals, servers and analytics clouds, to carry out projects and derive results in a short period of time
– It sends data in compatibility with EMS, ERP, and MES and provides services to users through WEB and mobile apps.

○ Current status of business promotion and major customers
It holds intellectual property rights for four domestic registrations, eight domestic applications, two trademark registrations, and one overseas application, and is proceeding with additional patent applications.
2018 Singapore International financial baker, Vietnam International financial baker, and eight domestic and foreign exhibitions.
– Overseas Manufacturing Plant: Collects data from PLC of manufacturing plant production lines in overseas branches and sends data to the analysis center.
– Local government park toilet safety management: To determine whether a safety accident occurred by collecting data from public facilities such as toilets, provide status board, text message, e-mail, and messenger service to the relevant public officials.
– Management of production facilities for export: To solve difficulties in managing AS and customers of exported products, details of export facilities are managed.
– Production line data mining : facility operation rate, product defect prediction, and competitive product analysis
– Memorandum of Understanding for Mutual Cooperation in Eco-Delta City Smart City National Demonstration City Project

○ Project performance and future plans
Prime Minister’s history
– 2017 Japan B Dash Camp 2017 Award
– 2018 Water and Health Symposium Best Water Management Award
(Environmental Times)
business performance
– Water treatment facility monitoring and history management system for overseas export, subway smart toilets, national park smart toilet monitoring system, etc.
– Participate in a consortium of smart city model city regulatory sandbox activation projects in 2019.
– Ministry of Science and ICT- Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency selected data voucher support project
– We are in talks with a number of mid-sized water treatment companies to enter Indonesia.
– Ordering Smart Factory IoT terminals and SW in Vietnam
future plan
– After returning to Korea, the foundation for data collection and resolution was established, and in cooperation with companies such as global company HOO, focused on data analysis and artificial intelligence (A.I) in energy and water treatment facilities.
– Discussing participation in IoT communication and control project for smart city autonomous vehicles

Field Solution Co., Ltd.
Start-up Hub (Jeonmin-dong) on the first floor of 125 2-dong,
1689th Street Yuseong-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Date of establishment: July 17, 2015
Representative: Kim Dae-chun
Number of employees: 6