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Most popular product in the first half of 2019-1
Nov 18 2019

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Fieldsolution’s FS gateway for collecting and analyzing industrial data was selected as one of the most popular products in the excellent quality category in the first half of 2019 by Electronic Times Internet.
Data generated from industrial equipment and sensors are collected in real time. And it can be processed and analyzed with a numerical analysis engine and sent to the user without an additional server.

Node + Gateway + Server + Cloud” was simplified to “Node + FS gateway” rather than complex hardware configurations going through several stages.
We reduced the initial investment by 30% and increased the ease of technology adoption.

Although process control at large-scale water treatment sites are well managed due to abundant budget and expert personnel, it is difficult for small and medium-sized sites to implement automation or monitoring systems due to lack of budget and manpower.

Creating a simple alarm or Excel file can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
The reality is that it is difficult to introduce a system because small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford the initial investment and operating expenses to make a professional analysis that will cost several times more.

Using Fieldsolution’s FS gateway solution, You can improve your plant’s energy efficiency by 30%, manpower efficiency by 40% and cost efficiency by 35%. And you can experience advanced plant technology.
Built-in software (FS EMS) analyzes the issues of industry data and provides users with an intuitive view of the situation through a dashboard.
It is possible to prevent accidents through trend analysis and prediction of specific events by collecting data on sensors and equipment installed in water treatment plants.
It will provide user-friendly functions that were excluded from existing facilities and services, in the IoT environment.
Based on engineering and statistical analysis, even non-experts can easily understand the process.
Fieldsolution’s FS gateway is a fanless small form factor PC that can analyze the data in real time and transmit it to a long-range.

It consists of heat-resistant hardware and optimized programming, taking into account 365 working days.
And it is suitable when the industrial site and the situation room are far apart.

FS gateway and FS EMS can be applied preferentially to the energy environment field.
Feildsolution plans to sell them in Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.
Data from water treatment sites and Smart Factory are collected from PLC(Programmable Logical Controller) and analyzed to address customer demand.
Previously, only data from equipment was received.
The policy-making approach has changed from a previous policy-making based on sensibility to a database-based one made by providing data to policy-makers.

Fieldsolution is the first registered startup partner of the K Water.
Its headquarter is inside the Daejeon K Water Research Institute and its R&D center is in the Pangyo Startup Campus.
Fieldsolution has carried out businesses such as smart restrooms monitoring system at national parks, reuse system for sewage and wastewater, and electrolytic hydrolysis facility monitoring system(with KT IoTmakers).
Four patents were registered and seven were filed, on telecommunication terminals, data mining text analysis, and water treatment.
Fieldsolution is planning to evolve from a sales company to a solution provider next year.

Fieldsolution has planned to enter the global water treatment market dominated by global companies, by combining its own IoT technology with Korean water treatment products.