IIoT for Smart factory

IIoT for Smart factory 800X600
Nov 18 2019

IIoT for Smart factory

● Overview: Fieldsolutions’ FS gateway and FS EMS software apply the Internet of Things technology to manufacturing facilities to provide smart factory solutions.

– FS gateway collects data from industrial equipment and sensors in real time.
– FS EMS processes the data with a numerical analysis engine to predict equipment failure and provide preventive maintenance.
– You can avoid incidents, improve the performance and efficiency of your manufacturing process, and reduce manufacturing cycle times through trend analysis and specific event prediction.
– Dashboard in web and mobile app shows the situation intuitively.(Remote control, SMS, and web service.)
– You can reduce investment costs by connecting FS EMS to existing IT solutions such as ERP, CRM and SCM.

● Application case : Smart factory

– They produce products 24 hours a day through an unmanned production line.
– Real-time monitoring of the facility operation status
– extension equipment life and utilization analysis
– You can predict and respond quickly to incidents.
– You can reduce maintenance and management costs.