FS Gateway

FSgateway 800X600
Nov 18 2019


● purpose

– FS gateway collects data generated from industrial equipment and sensors in real time.
– FS gateway processes the data with a numerical analysis engine and sends it to the user without additional servers.

● Characteristics

– “Node + Gateway + Server + Cloud was simplified to “Node + FS gateway” rather than complex hardware configurations going through several stages.
We reduced the initial investment by 30% and increased ease of technology adoption.
– FS gateway communicates with the user via wire or wirelessly from a distance or obstacle to transfer processed and analyzed data.
– FS gateway consists of heat-resistant hardware and optimized programming considering the features that are operated 365 days.


● Fieldsolution Hybrid Cloud
hybrid cloud

● FS gateway Redundancy

– Redundant FS gateway can also be installed at critical process points to provide greater reliability.

● Programming considering cooling (CPU, memory optimization) to ensure reliability under conditions such as heat and high temperature.